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With the help of this exciting medicine, you may finally lose weight and keep it off! Semaglutide is a once-weekly injectable prescription medication that can assist with long-term weight management.

If you have lost weight in the past only to have it return, semaglutide may help you lose weight and keep it off. Learn more about this amazing weight loss medication and request your free consultation to find out more!

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-Suppresses appetite

-Helps regulate blood pressure

-Helps joint & muscle pain

-Lose inches last

-Boost self esteem

-May prevent future stroke, heart attack, and help regulate diabetes

-Helps reduce stress

-Boosts mental clarity



FROM Dr. Kevin Jovanovic MD:

Today we’re talking about our compounded semaglutide and alcohol. I’m sure you’ve seen our previous posts on this, but This incredible injection is given by our physician once a week.

& it really  works in 3 different ways:

1)    It decreases desire and appetite and cravings

2)    It slows down stomach emptying

3)    Helps with insulin resistance

So your cravings are less, metabolism works better and you get fuller faster.

The cool thing is theres more and more data showing that it actually helps with different kinds of cravings and addictions

So theres this article in the new York times from just a few months ago that actually states semaglutide users didn’t want to drink alcohol.

Scientists are  actually looking at medicines or the parts of the brain that semaglutide affect to try and find other medicines. The medicines we have now for addictiuon arre horrible they work on addiction but have all of these other  side effects. This medicine, the only side effect is losing weight. So youre not addicted and you get skinny what could be better.

 But if they could figure out which part of the brain has to do with craving and ddiction they can make medicine much better for you to stop these horrible addictions. So it gers you healthy & out of obese but also may help cravings and other addictrions

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