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Dermaplaning is one of the most popular services offered at Dutch Hollow Medical Day Spa, simply because the benefits are immediate. If you’re ready to diminish fine lines and have more radiant skin, Samuel Figueroa, MD, and his gifted Godfrey, Illinois, team of aesthetic specialists can help. Schedule your dermaplaning appointment today by clicking on the online booking feature, or by calling the med spa directly.

Dermaplaning Q & A

Why is dermaplaning beneficial?

Dermaplaning is a method of thoroughly exfoliating your skin without harsh chemicals. Instead, your aesthetic specialist uses a thin, sterile scalpel to gently scrape your skin. This process can:

  • Minimize the appearance of lines, wrinkles, and scars
  • Make it easier for topical skin products to absorb
  • Even out your skin tone and complexion
  • Remove fine facial hair (peach fuzz)
  • Prime your skin for facials or peels

Dermaplaning is also an ideal solution for men and women who have overly sensitive skin, possibly from rosacea or another skin condition, which may not respond well to traditional facials or chemical peels.

What happens during a dermaplaning session?

Your dermaplaning specialist at Dutch Hollow Medical Day Spa begins your session by prepping your skin. They use clinical-grade products to clean your skin and remove germs and bacteria. While you’re relaxing, your practitioner glides the medical scalpel across your face using swift, short, feathery strokes.

They generally start close to your hairline and work their way down your face, avoiding your eyebrows, nose, and lips. Once your skin is thoroughly exfoliated, they apply skin care solutions to your face to help minimize redness, rehydrate your skin, and treat any additional concerns you may have (like acne).

The entire dermaplaning experience is quick and painless and provides immediate results, so you have younger-looking skin right away. While dermaplaning can be requested as a single service, it’s often performed before a facial or chemical peel to allow for maximum penetration of topical solutions.

How often do I need a dermaplaning treatment?

Dermaplaning should be a regular part of your skin care regimen. Dead skin cells continually to rise to the surface of your skin and new facial hair grows in, leaving it looking lackluster.

The aesthetic team at Dutch Hollow Medical Day Spa often recommends scheduling a dermaplaning treatment at least once a month. This way you can stay on top of your fresh, glowing skin and minimize the effects of aging before the regrowth takes over.

Start your path to younger-looking skin by scheduling a dermaplaning session at Dutch Hollow Medical Day Spa. Book online or over the phone.

* Individual results may vary.