B-12 Injection


  B-12 Injection Benefits of B-12     include boosting the mood and   helping the nervous system to   function properly, proper brain   development, heart protection,   better   sleep, higher   metabolism, weight  loss, and   more energy.





Benefits of B-12

The benefits of the vitamin include the formation and regeneration of red blood cells, promoting growth in children, assisting in the absorption of calcium and helping carbohydrate, fat and protein metabolism. Additionally, it is considered a tremendous resource in combating fatigue. Unlike other B vitamins, B-12 is stored in the muscle and other organs in the body and can take years to deplete. Usually later in life, after age 40, a combination of poor eating habits and losing the ability to properly absorb B-12 can catch up with us. It is at these times, especially, B-12 deficiency can set in and supplementation becomes necessary.



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