Sinus Massage — The Surprising Way to Banish Headaches

Headaches are the most common medical complaint in the US, and while it’s tempting to blame them on things like muscle strain or emotional stress, plenty of headaches — including painful migraines — can actually be caused by your sinuses. When it comes to treating sinus headaches, medication is one treatment option, but many medicines are ineffective — or worse, come with unwanted side effects.

At Dutch Hollow Medical Day Spa, we help patients relieve painful migraines, cluster headaches, and other sinus-related headaches with gentle sinus massage, aimed at improving overall sinus health and function without medication. Here’s how it works.

How can sinus massage relieve headaches?

Your sinuses perform an important role in keeping harmful germs out of your body. Located behind your cheeks, eyes, and forehead, your sinuses produce a mucus barrier that traps germs before they have a chance to get into your throat and lungs. To stay healthy, your sinuses are continually draining into your nose, getting rid of “old” mucus and producing a fresh barrier to keep germs at bay.

Sometimes, though, your sinuses get inflamed and swollen, usually as a result of allergies, infections, or even airborne irritants. When your sinuses are swollen, they don’t drain properly, and pressure builds up inside. Eventually, that pressure leads to headaches, and sometimes other symptoms like facial pain. 

Sinus massage helps relieve headaches caused by sinus pressure and congestion by gently breaking up mucus and encouraging normal sinus drainage — without resorting to medicines that can make you groggy or may be ineffective in providing complete relief. As your sinuses drain, pressure decreases, and that means your pain can subside, as well.

What happens during a sinus massage?

At Dutch Hollow Medical Day Spa, we use special techniques for sinus massage, customizing every massage based on each client’s unique symptoms. We start by learning about your symptoms, which might include facial pain or pressure, nasal congestion, and even persistent post-nasal drip. Then, we map out a sinus massage treatment based on helping relieve those symptoms so you feel better.

Your massage will focus primarily on your four sinus cavities: 

Since the sinuses are interconnected, your treatment will focus on all four sinus cavities for optimal drainage and relief of pressure and pain. 

During your massage, your therapist will use gentle pressure and gliding strokes over each cavity to promote even drainage and optimal sinus function. Your therapist may massage other areas around your ears and temples, especially when addressing the sphenoid sinuses that extend behind your eyes. 

In addition to the sinus areas, we may also include a massage of your head, neck, and shoulders to help restore and refresh the lymph fluid around your head and sinuses. During your massage, you can tell us how much pressure feels good or which areas need a little extra attention.

Many people notice relief of their symptoms during their massage, as drainage resumes and swelling begins to subside. After your massage, improved circulation and lymphatic drainage can result in additional drainage, while also promoting healing in the sensitive sinus tissues.

Sinus massage: A natural treatment for headaches

Even a single headache can be debilitating. If you have headaches on a regular or recurring basis, you know the toll they take on your quality of life. The problem is, many medications used to treat headaches are ineffective or come with some unpleasant side effects and risks, like grogginess, stomach irritation, or even addiction. Nasal sprays marketed for sinus relief can wind up drying out your sinuses, making them more prone to irritation and infection.

Sinus massage works naturally with your body to restore sinus drainage while optimizing circulation, so your sinuses can function normally again. Having regular sinus massages is a safe, natural way to improve sinus function and reduce your risk of sinus headaches. 

Plus, by optimizing sinus function, you just might reduce your risks of upper respiratory infections, like colds, flus, and other viruses.

Relieve your headaches naturally

If you suffer from chronic or recurrent headaches, sinus massage could be the solution you’re looking for to help banish pain and enjoy a more comfortable quality of life. To learn more about sinus massage and other therapies aimed at helping you live your best life, call Dutch Hollow Medical Day Spa at 618-227-7168 and schedule an appointment today.

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