When to Consider a Facial Peel

If you’re self-conscious about sagging, dull, scarred skin on your face, neck, or hands, consider a therapeutic chemical peel. The popular aesthetic treatment uses a chemical solution to strategically exfoliate your skin and promote new tissue and cell growth.

In Godfrey, Illinois, our team at Dutch Hollow Medical Day Spa offers advanced medical-grade cosmetic treatments to help restore your aging or damaged skin and revitalize your appearance. 

One of our spa’s feature services is the facial peel. To address a range of skin concerns, we offer a variety of peels, such as:

Samuel Figueroa, MD and Mirka Figueroa founded the clinic to help their patients feel great about their skin and bodies. Facial peels are one of our most popular offerings because they work so well. 

Perhaps you’re wondering if you’re a candidate for a peel? Here are some of the most common reasons you may want to consider a facial peel:

Reason # 1: You have scars from acne

Our team prepares a custom solution to carefully slough off the top layer of your skin. As it heals, a new, soft, smoother layer of skin emerges with less evidence of scarring.

Reason # 2: You have brown, gray, or tan patches on your skin

This is called hyperpigmentation, and it’s a telltale sign of prolonged sun exposure. The chemical peel process targets those dark areas, commonly called age or sun spots, and lightens and reduces them.

Reason # 3: You have crow’s feet

The tender eye area often bears the most evidence of the aging process from years of squinting, smiling, and making thousands of muscle contractions each day. The thin lines that spread from the corners of your eyes, called crow’s feet, are very responsive to peels. Our glycolic peel is especially well suited for the elimination of crow’s feet.

Reason # 4: Your skin is red and splotchy

After an examination of your skin problems, we apply a tailor-made chemical solution that’s designed to even out blotchy areas and greatly reduce redness. The result is bright, smooth, luminous skin.

What to expect during a chemical peel

Whether you choose a light, medium, or deep peel, we conduct the procedure right here in the office in less than an hour. To begin, we help you relax in a private room where we numb the treatment area. 

Next, your esthetician paints the chemical solution onto your skin, and uses warm compresses and cloths to remove it after the designated time. A peel can be slightly uncomfortable, so we give you some pain medicine to help relieve your discomfort. When we’re finished, we provide some aftercare instructions, and you’ll be on your way.

To get started with your skin makeover and see which type of peel is right for your skin, call our office in Godfrey, Illinois.

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