Give Your Weight Loss Resolution a Boost With B-12 Injections

Give Your Weight Loss Resolution a Boost With B-12 Injections

If you find your weight loss progress stalling in spite of your determined efforts, discouragement isn’t far away unless you can find a way to kickstart the process. Dutch Hollow Medical Day Spa can help with vitamin B-12 injections. 

This metabolism booster protects your heart health and encourages better sleep as well as bumping your weight loss off that plateau, boosting the effects of your diet and exercise program. When you’re ready to give your weight loss resolution a boost, contact us for a session with our B-12 injection specialists

The role of vitamin B-12 

It’s important to note that B-12 on its own doesn’t cause weight loss, but as you get older, your body may absorb and store less of this vital metabolic component. Without adequate B-12 levels, your metabolism slows. Your body burns fewer calories, making diet and exercise more challenging. 

B-12 helps the formation of new hormones, blood cells, and proteins, key players in the body functions that give you energy, prevent serious health issues, all while aiding the weight loss process. Found naturally in foods derived from animal sources, it’s also necessary for red blood cell and DNA formation. 

It’s possible for B-12 levels to fall, though true B-12 deficiency isn’t common in the United States. People who have digestive tract problems that block vitamin absorption may run into this issue, and older people in general don’t absorb nutrients as well as they did when they were younger. 

Vegetarians and vegans may be prone to low B-12 levels since plant-based foods don’t contain the vitamin. Foods like breakfast cereals can be fortified with B-12, and it’s available as a supplement in oral, injection, and nasal spray versions.

B-12 and weight loss

Because B-12 plays such a varied role in the body, it’s difficult to pinpoint the precise chemical processes that assist weight loss. B-12 deficiencies link to increased body fat storage. Animal studies indicate that B-12 supplements limit weight gain in groups fed high-fat diets, compared with control groups. 

Given that low levels of B-12 can lead to anemia, a shortage of oxygen-carrying red blood cells, it connects to symptoms of low energy, muscle weakness, slowed metabolism, and weight gain. Restoring B-12 levels may help to counteract the symptoms of anemia by aiding the creation of new red blood cells. This could be the reason for the higher energy levels reported by many B-12 injection patients. 

The benefits of B-12 injections

Although you can take B-12 supplements orally, passing through the digestive system adds a variable to absorption of the vitamin. Injections, on the other hand, immediately absorb into the body. Though results vary among patients, many feel the effects of boosted energy soon after treatment. That energy boost could then help to motivate your exercise regimen, with weight loss resuming once your metabolic rates respond. 

B-12 injections won’t work for everyone. That’s why choosing a medically supervised practice like Dutch Hollow Medical Day Spa makes sense. We can fit your weight loss treatment to your body. 

Find out more about the benefits B-12 injections may offer you by consulting with our team. Call the office at 618-227-7167 to schedule your visit today. 

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