5 Reasons Microneedling Is So Beneficial for Your Skin

Regardless of our actual age, we all want to have healthy and younger-looking skin. However, this becomes increasingly difficult as we get older, because the body’s natural firming and toning agents — collagen and elastin — begin to dwindle in volume, and the accumulation of sun damage starts taking its toll. 

Fortunately, the number of treatment options has steadily increased over the years. Below, our medical and aesthetic team here at Dutch Hollow Medical Day Spa in Godfrey, Illinois, explains one of our go-to treatments — microneedling — and the five ways it can benefit your skin.

First, what is microneedling?

Let’s start with an overview of this treatment. Microneedling is an in-office aesthetic treatment. For client comfort during the procedure, medical esthetician Mirka Figueroa first applies a numbing cream. She then glides a special device called a dermaroller over your skin in targeted areas. The dermaroller creates exceptionally small pricks, or cuts, on the top layer of your skin. Over the following days and weeks, the skin heals, giving you a firmer, more youthful look.

Microneedling jump-starts collagen and elastin production

The premise behind microneedling — sometimes called collagen induction therapy (CIT) or percutaneous collagen induction (PCI) — is that when you create even the slightest trauma to the skin, it will trigger the body’s natural reaction to heal the wound. Not only will collagen and elastin swing into action, but new blood vessels will also form. The collagen will plump and smooth the skin, while elastin will make it more easily bounce back into shape instead of sagging.

It smoothes out wrinkles and fine lines

Microneedling addresses a variety of conditions, like wrinkles and fine lines that make you look older. It can also:

Although most clients have microneedling done on their face, the treatment is also effective on other areas of the body. 

It’s minimally invasive with no downtime*

One of the big pluses of microneedling is that it’s a minimally invasive procedure that doesn’t require anesthesia or the inconvenience of taking time away from your busy schedule. An actual treatment session typically takes less than 30 minutes, depending on the size and number of areas being treated. Depending on how quickly you heal, you will notice results in a few days or weeks after treatment. Typically, clients will do microneedling in three to four sessions to achieve the desired outcome. Sessions are usually spaced four to six weeks apart to allow time for the skin to heal. 

Expect younger-looking skin

Recapturing a more youthful appearance is a win, no matter how you look at it. Through microneedling, our gifted aesthetic team here at Dutch Hollow Medical Day Spa can help turn back time, revealing a firmer, smoother, younger-looking you!

Microneedling is a cost-effective laser alternative

Although effective advanced laser treatments are also available to rejuvenate skin, some clients are not good candidates, or may opt for alternative treatments for other reasons. Microneedling provides an effective alternative for clients who want results, but can’t — or don’t — want to access laser treatments.

If you have been thinking about microneedling and want to know whether it’s right for you, make an appointment today for a consultation at Dutch Hollow Medical Day Spa in Godfrey, Illinois. 

* Individual results may vary.

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