5 Benefits of Dermaplaning

5 Benefits of Dermaplaning

We experience the same thing in cool climates every year during the winter — cold, windy weather outside and dry, recirculated indoor heat.  It’s a combination that creates chaos with complexions and your regular skincare routine may not be enough.

Dermaplaning is a non-surgical, chemical-free treatment offered by Dutch Hollow Medical Day Spa, serving the Greater St. Louis area. Dermaplaning is quickly becoming one of our most popular services due to the fact that there is little discomfort or recovery time involved. 

During your treatment, our aestheticians gently remove fine hairs and dead skin cells from the surface of your skin with a sterile, medical-grade scalpel. The scalpel doesn’t make any cuts, rather it shaves with small, precise strokes like a razor to exfoliate the skin and slough off dirt and debris. Let’s look at five benefits dermaplaning can provide for your skin this winter.

1. Clearer Skin

If your face feels oily and you notice frequent acne breakouts, it may be due to dryness caused by the harsh winter conditions. Sebum production increases in response when skin dries out, leading to oily skin, clogged pores, and acne. 

Tiny dead skin cells can build up on your skin and congest your pores. Individually, these small particles often can’t be seen with the naked eye, but as they accumulate, skin becomes dull and tired. Dermaplaning exfoliates your face, removing the layer of dirt, skin cells, and sebum that causes dull skin and breakouts. The appearance of acne scarring can also be reduced with the stimulation provided by regular dermaplaning sessions.

2. Smoother Skin

Another reason so many people book a dermaplaning treatment with us is to remove fine, soft facial peach fuzz known as vellus hair. It’s normal and harmless on its own, but when you’re experiencing especially dry, flaky skin like so many of us do in the colder months, this light facial hair can add to the problem. 

The clearing, smoothing effect of dermaplaning can not only help reveal your skin’s natural glow, you’ll have an easier time applying and blending foundation and other makeup.

3. Even skin tone

Hyperpigmentation creates uneven skin tone and can occur due to skin conditions, hormonal factors, or sun exposure. While some pigment issues fade on their own, you may need to help the process along in other cases.

A dermaplane treatment removes the hyperpigmented dead skin cells from the top layer of the skin. This forces the dark spot to fade faster than it would on its own and allows the new, healthy layer of skin to surface.

4. Less irritation

Those with sensitive skin, allergies, or rosacea must often be cautious regarding skin treatments. The chemicals in traditional facials or chemical peels can irritate their skin, doing more harm than good.

Since dermaplaning uses no chemicals, it can be a lifesaver if other methods don’t work for you. At Dutch Hollow Medical Day Spa we’ll discuss your skin history with you to determine the best treatment for your needs.

5. Primes your skin

After your dermaplaning session with us, your face is primed and ready for the full benefit of many other services we offer. Dermaplaning encourages the quick absorption of skincare products by increasing blood flow to the skin, so it’s an ideal complement prior to a chemical peel or facial.

You may also notice that your moisturizer goes on more smoothly and absorbs more quickly than before. Removing the peach fuzz and old cells on the skin’s surface helps products sink in and work better.

Schedule your dermaplaning treatment as a standalone service or combine it with another aesthetic wellness solution such as an advanced peel or Hydrafacial®. Call Dutch Hollow Medical Day Spa today and book an appointment to consult with one of our experts about your skincare goals. We’re here to help you every step of the way.

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