Wake Up Thirsty Winter Skin With a HydraFacial

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Winter months can really dry out your skin. Cold air is drier than warm air, especially if you’re outdoors in the wind. Inside, furnaces and car heaters keep the dry air blowing on your skin. You can keep your skin hydrated with a refreshing HydraFacial treatment.

What is a HydraFacial?

A HydraFacial is a patented skin treatment that cleans away old skin cells, removes dirt deep within your pores, and then hydrates your skin with a special protein-powered serum. It’s a noninvasive treatment that rejuvenates and refreshes your skin without harsh chemical peels or dermabrasion.

What types of skin problems does a HydraFacial treat?

The HydraFacial is beneficial for all skin types: oily, medium, or dry. It improves the appearance of your skin and is helpful if you have any of the following skin issues:

What happens during a HydraFacial treatment?  

Your aesthetician first employs a steamer to open up the pores in your skin. Then your HydraFacial provider uses a patented nozzle to clean and exfoliate your skin simultaneously. The device acts like a vacuum to remove dead skin cells and debris. The nozzle moves gently across your skin while the steamer is on.

Next comes the peel, which your aesthetician customizes for the most beneficial effect for your skin type. You’ll likely receive a mix of glycolic and salicylic acids that deliver a gentle peel. You’ll feel a mild tingling.

The peel readies your face for the next step of the HydraFacial: extraction. Using the second HydraFacial nozzle, your aesthetician deep cleans your pores. The nozzle works like a vacuum to remove dirt from deep within your skin in concert with a patented serum that cleans your skin without irritating it.

Now your skin is ready to be super-hydrated. HydraFacial’s third nozzle smooths a patented protective serum deep into your skin. It contains antioxidants, hyaluronic acid, and peptides.

This mixture of powerful agents works to rejuvenate your skin, reducing the appearance of brown spots and tightening loose skin.

Who doesn’t experience chapped lips when the winter wind is blowing? If you have crusty “winter” lips that are still dry even though you keep lipstick on, you’ll feel the difference in your lips, because they’re included in your HydraFacial.

Finally, your aesthetician applies moisturizer, sunscreen, and lip balm to complete your treatment. You’ll see a radiant glow on your skin when you look in the mirror.

Why is a HydraFacial better than a regular facial?

HydraFacial’s medical-grade serum is stronger than the ingredients in regular facials you may receive or the ingredients in moisturizers you can purchase. The serum increases the production of collagen, your skin’s most important protein.

Collagen makes your skin firm and elastic. The amount of collagen in your skin decreases with age; that’s why skin begins to sag and lose elasticity.  

Can everyone benefit from a HydraFacial?

Most people can benefit, but the HydraFacial isn’t appropriate for everyone. If you have a rash, sunburn, or rosacea, the HydraFacial can irritate your skin. If you’re pregnant, it’s better to wait until after your baby is born and pamper yourself then, because some of the ingredients in the HydraFacial haven’t been tested on pregnant women.

When do results of a HydraFacial show up, and how long do they last?

You should see smoother skin texture and more even skin color with your first treatment. Your skin will stay intensely hydrated for a week or more. When you see the difference a HydraFacial makes, you may want to schedule one every month so your skin maintains that special glow.


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