The Anti-Aging Benefits of HydraFacial®, and Why It’s Great for Dry, Winter Skin

As fall turns to winter and store windows fill to the brim with holiday decor and gifts, it seems like the whole world is just a little bit happier. And while you should certainly bask in the joyousness of the holiday season, you shouldn’t slack on your skincare routine, especially not as the dry air dehydrates your protective outer layer. 

At Dutch Hollow Medical Day Spa in Godfrey, Illinois, opt for a HydraFacial® to thwart the winter moisture-suck and keep your skin fresh, dewy, and bright. 

How a HydraFacial keeps your skin young

Think of a HydraFacial as your skin’s all-in-one best friend: The treatment essentially combines a peel, microdermabrasion, and a hydrating mask in one seamless treatment. But there’s yet another tidbit that may get you to do your happy dance — a HydraFacial is performed entirely with a medical-grade wand instead of by hand, so you won’t endure any pinching, poking, or prodding. 

Less hands-to-face action also usually means less residual redness, swelling, and sensitivity, so a HydraFacial is a great option for people with sensitive skin. The patented “Vortex Fusion™” system pulls debris — like dirt, blackheads, and other gunk — out of your pores while also exfoliating and hydrating your skin. You can also opt to infuse your HydraFacial with boosters such as hyaluronic acid. 

Why get a HydraFacial in the winter?

The cool, crisp weather that signifies the turn of seasons is certainly great for our moods (who’s not happy when the weather’s nice?) and our hair (buh-bye, perpetual frizz!), but when fall turns to winter, our skin takes a beating. Before you know it, you may have a scaly scalp, cracked hands, and ashy streaks all over. Oh, and let’s not forget chapped lips, dry noses, and flaky foreheads. 

HydraFacials combat all of that and more, making it the perfect treatment to get during the cold winter months. The spiraled HydroPeel Tips and dual Vortex design dislodge skin impurities while simultaneously delivering hydration and essential nutrients directly to your skin. The result is an ultra-hydrated, impeccably clean complexion. 

What can a HydraFacial treat?

Whatever your skin woes, there’s a good chance that a HydraFacial can remedy them. A HydraFacial can effectively treat any of the following skin conditions

What to expect during a HydraFacial 

During your HydraFacial appointment, you’ll recline comfortably while your aesthetician performs the procedure. You won’t feel much — just the gentle tug of the wand as it moves across your skin. The entire HydraFacial procedure takes only 25 minutes, but plan on being at Dutch Hollow Medical Day Spa for a bit longer so your aesthetician can prep your skin and discuss any concerns you might have. 

Ready to reveal the glowing skin hiding under winter gunk and dryness? Schedule your HydraFacial today by calling Dutch Hollow Medical Day Spa at 618-227-7168 or by requesting an appointment online.

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