Say Goodbye to That Double Chin With Kybella

Submental fullness, otherwise known as a double chin, is caused by excess fat underneath your chin. Even if you’re at a healthy weight — or even “skinny” — submental fullness makes you appear pounds heavier and years older. 

If you’ve been trying to get rid of your double chin through diet and exercise with no results, FDA-approved Kybella® may be the solution for you. At Dutch Hollow Medical Day Spa in Godfrey, Illinois, we recommend Kybella for women and men who want to lose submental fullness without surgery or significant downtime.

Kybella melts fat.

Kybella is an injectable therapy that’s made of a synthetic form of deoxycholic acid — which is an acid that your body produces to digest dietary fat. When Kybella is injected into your double chin, the deoxycholic acid breaks down the fat molecules so they can’t hold the fat any longer. 

When exposed to Kybella, the excess fat cells in your double chin break apart and die. Over the next few weeks, your body processes the dead cells through your lymph system, and then eliminates them through excretion. This unique approach to lipolysis (killing fat) earned Kybella the Allure 2015 Breakthrough Award and is also why the American Society for Plastic Surgeons named Kybella as one of the best nonsurgical techniques for removing excess fat. 

Kybella works gradually.

Unlike surgery, which creates an immediate and noticeable difference in your face and neck, Kybella works over a series of treatments that takes several months to complete. This slower, more natural timeline slims your double chin gradually, so that no one will know you’ve had work “done.”

During each treatment, Kybella melts away approximately 20% of your excess fat cells. Most women and men need a series of up to five or six Kybella treatments, separated by about two months so that your body has time to heal from the injections and eliminate the dead fat cells.

Kybella tightens your skin.

Another advantage to Kybella’s gradual process of eliminating fat is that your skin has time to adapt to the decrease in volume. The injections also stimulate a collagen remodeling process that helps your skin grow tighter and firmer over the next weeks to months. As long as your skin is initially fairly elastic, Kybella not only removes excess chin fat, it also helps tighten and firm your entire jawline so that your profile looks stronger and more youthful.

Kybella treatments are fast.

The process for melting your double chin with Kybella only takes about 20 minutes per treatment. Your nurse first numbs the treatment area with a topical cream or gel and marks the areas to be injected using a special template. The injections themselves are fast and relatively pain-free.

Kybella’s results are flattering and permanent.

Once your body has processed and eliminated the Kybella-treated fat, the fat cells can’t regrow or return. As long as you maintain a stable weight, you won’t develop another double chin. 

Kybella removes your double chin and improves your profile without surgery, significant downtime, or hours in the gym. In the days after your injections, you may experience some swelling and soreness, but should be able to return to most normal activities directly afterward.

To find out if you’re a candidate for Kybella — no matter what your weight — give Dutch Hollow Medical Day Spa a call at 618-227-7168. You can also book a consultation online.

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