Ready for Permanent Makeup?

Putting on makeup takes time from your day that you just don’t have. You may be a teacher or college professor leading Zoom classes every day during the pandemic while monitoring your own children who are in their own Zoom classes. Perhaps you’re an essential worker who’s stretched thin with no downtime. Even when the pandemic is over, your life won’t slow down. You look entirely washed out without makeup, but no longer have the time to devote to it. 

There are other good reasons to consider permanent makeup. If you have a medical diagnosis such as MS or Parkinson’s or have had a stroke and have limited hand mobility, it may be a good solution for you. 

The expert team at Dutch Hollow Medical Day Spa in Godfrey, Ilinois, provides permanent makeup for clients with busy lives and for those who can’t put on their own makeup. Following are some essential facts about permanent makeup for you to consider. 

What’s in permanent makeup and how is it applied?

Permanent makeup is also called micropigmentation; the name is fitting because a Dutch Hollow Medical Day Spa provider applies a pigment (ink) to your skin. He or she applies it with a surgical needle containing iron oxide that makes microscopic openings in the skin. It’s like a tattoo, but instead of a new design on your skin containing an image, we apply it wherever you would put on your makeup


Perhaps you plucked your eyebrows to the point where they’re not growing in anymore, or they’ve become thin and faded. Our team can give you back beautiful, full, perfectly colored eyebrows using permanent makeup.


Eyeliner is perhaps the most difficult makeup task. Holding the edge of your eye with one hand while you apply the liner with the other requires two steady hands. How many times have you made a mistake and had to wipe it off and apply again? Ceding this task to a professional can be a relief. 


If your hands shake when you’re putting on mascara, you may end up with an eyeful of makeup that has to be washed out. Applying mascara evenly from the inside of your eye to the outside may be an impossible task. Or perhaps your mascara runs by the end of the day and you’re left wiping your face with makeup remover. If you’re fair-skinned, your eyelashes may be so light that it looks like you don’t have any, giving your face a washed-out appearance. Permanent makeup on your eyelashes can solve these problems. 


Have your lips lost their color? Have they become two thin, horizontal lines on your face? Our professionals can create lip lines that bloom with natural color. 

Considerations before getting permanent makeup 

Permanent makeup is a cosmetic medical procedure. Like all medical procedures, there are some risks: infection, allergy to the pigment, eyelid injury. You avoid these risks by having your permanent makeup done by an experienced member of our team. A Dutch Hollow Medical Day Spa professional can test the pigment he or she is using in a small area on your skin that’s not noticeable — for example, behind your ear — to ensure you’re not allergic to it. 

Call Dutch Hollow Medical Day Spa today at 618-227-7168 for a consultation on how permanent makeup can help you look your best 24/7. You can also reserve an appointment online through our online booking tool.

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