Is the Glass Facial the Right Anti-Aging Medical Treatment for Me?

Is the Glass Facial the Right Anti-Aging Medical Treatment for Me?

If you’re tired of adding filters to your selfies or long to look like the filtered images to begin with, you may want to consider the Glass Facial. Considered a “real-life” selfie filter, this multifaceted treatment aims to instantly reduce excess oil, large pore size, fine lines, and more. 

Our skin specialists at Dutch Hollow Medical Day Spa in Godfrey, Illinois, are pleased to offer the Glass Facial for a smoother, more vibrant complexion.

Let’s delve into this anti-aging treatment, including signs that it’s a smart choice for you.

The Glass Facial process

Your Glass Facial process begins with a medical deluxe HydraFacial, which gently exfoliates and removes debris from your skin. That phase also nourishes your skin with a moisturizer, saturating your complexion with health-promoting antioxidants and peptides.

The deluxe HydraFacial also includes a GlySal Peel and dermaplaning, which further remove any dead skin and harmful bacteria.

Once your HydraFacial is complete, the actual Glass Facial portion begins. Using microneedling, our providers create tiny punctures in your skin. This process is designed to stimulate natural healing responses within your skin, such as collagen production. 

The needles we use are finer than a human hair, and through them we infuse a special “caviar cocktail” into your skin.

This blend contains an activated stem cell serum, designed to:

You may also receive Botox® injections, for relaxed fine lines and wrinkles, and dermal fillers, for increased plumpness and an overall more youthful appearance. 

What to expect after your Glass Facial

The whole Glass Facial process takes about one hour, after which you can get back to most activities — no downtime required for recovery. You may need to wait a few hours before exercising intensely or laying down. Otherwise you can go about your day as usual.

You’ll likely notice a glow shortly after your treatment, and more benefits over the coming days or weeks as the Botox relaxes particular muscles and collagen production increases.

While individual results vary, the Glass Facial can create more glowing, smooth, and hydrated skin, with results that last for four weeks or longer

Good candidates for the Glass Facial

If you’re hoping for a more youthful or selfie-chic look without surgery, you may be a good candidate for the Glass Facial.

It’s considered safe for most adults, although you may not be a candidate if you’re allergic to metals. Botox and dermal fillers aren’t ideal during pregnancy, so you may need to wait on those components if you’re expecting.

The Glass Facial won’t treat body dysmorphia that’s been linked with beauty filters, but it may help you feel more confident about your appearance in general. If you’re struggling with poor body image, anxiety, or depression, seek professional support.

To learn more about the Glass Facial or get started with your desired skin care, call Dutch Hollow Medical Day Spa. You can also email us through our website.

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