HydraFacial MD®: The Perfect Summer Skin Pick-Me-Up

HydraFacial MD®: The Perfect Summer Skin Pick-Me-Up

HydraFacial MD® is a quick, relaxing, and pain-free treatment that leaves your skin rejuvenated and radiant. At Dutch Hollow Medical Day Spa in Godfrey, Illinois, our highly-trained team of skin specialists can attest to the magic of HydraFacial MD. 

Here’s what they want you to know.

No red face or peeling skin

Your aesthetician extracts blackheads and whiteheads with a powerful extraction device. Still, this treatment is entirely painless and won’t leave your skin with redness, peeling, or pesky marks on your face. 

With HydraFacial MD, you’ll look radiant from the minute you leave our spa. 

Quadruple beautification 

A 30-minute treatment consists of four steps: 

#1: Out with the bad

A spiral tip whisks away the topmost layer of dead skin cells, while simultaneously delivering a cleansing serum that washes off the debris. This process reveals the fresh, glowing new skin just underneath that layer of dead, dull cells.

#2: A light peel

with low glycolic and salicylic acid concentrations gently unclog your pores, loosening debris and oil. Your skin is detoxified and cleared without any visible peeling and absolutely no trauma.

#3: Miracle vacuum 

No more popping pimples or pinching your skin — the HydraFacial MD vacuum extractor gently lifts the loosened debris, clearing your pores of impurities.

#4: Heavenly Hydration

Your clear, fresh, skin is drenched in peptides and antioxidants. Your aesthetician may then suggest a targeted treatment, such as wrinkle repair or brightening.

You’re red carpet ready.

Wherever you’re off to, your skin will glow like a star. No downtime, no pain, just instant perfection! Your fine lines and wrinkles and pores appear minimized. You’ll look like you just returned from vacation.

Unparalleled ingredients 

HydraFacial MD uses all-natural, healthy ingredients to nourish your skin. On the menu:

Add in a hydrating serum formulated with a type of hyaluronic acid, and you have a recipe for stunning skin. So why not yourself to an invigorating Hydrafacial today? Just call Dutch Hollow Medical Day Spa at 618-227-7168 today. 

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