Get Fuller, Plumper Lips That Look Natural

Get Fuller, Plumper Lips That Look Natural

Whether you were born with thin lips or you’ve noticed them thinning with age, you might long for a plumper smile. Fortunately, getting just that can be easier than you might imagine, and the results can look completely natural. 

Here at Dutch Hollow Medical Day Spa, we offer Juvéderm® fillers to give you your ideal lip shape. We talk with you about how you want your smile to look so we can deliver the right level of plumping while ensuring that your smile looks natural. 

And we can do all of this in a quick, convenient trip to our office in Godfrey, Illinois, serving the greater St. Louis area. 

If you’re someone who was born with less-than-full lips, Juvéderm can help you get a plumper pout. But if you’ve noticed that your lips are changing with age, let’s first take a look at why that happens — and what can help. 

Why lips thin with age

As you get older, your body produces less and less collagen. Since collagen is the protein that helps to give your skin and lips structure, its decrease causes some unwelcome changes.

As collagen levels drop, your lips thin and lose their natural shape. At the same time, your skin can sag, including around the corners of your mouth, giving you more of a frown than you’d like. 

Fortunately, with Juvéderm, we can replenish volume where your lips and mouth need it, restoring the shape of your pout. At the same time, we can also use it to diminish those pesky vertical lines that form around your lips (also called smoker’s or lipstick lines).

Your Juvéderm options

Here at Dutch Hollow Medical Day Spa, we offer one of the leading FDA-approved options to plump thinning lips and smooth vertical lines: Juvéderm. With this line of fillers, we have multiple tools to address thinning lips. 

We apply these fillers with a quick, relatively painless injection into the right parts of your lips and mouth based on your cosmetic goals. The process takes just minutes and comes with no downtime. The results can last for a year or more. 

Specifically, two distinct Juvéderm options can help you get a fuller, more youthful-looking mouth:

Juvéderm Ultra XC

If full lips are your goal, Ultra can deliver. This filler is specifically formulated to add natural-looking volume to your lips. 

Juvéderm Volbella™ XC

Volbella can deliver mild lip plumping while smoothing vertical lines above your top lip. 

Getting results that look natural

Your lips are as unique as you are. To help you get the best results possible, we talk with you about your cosmetic goals before getting started.  For some, it may be to smooth lipstick lines while achieving a subtle level of enhancement. For others, it might be adding a significant amount of volume and shape. 

By discussing what you want with you, we can recommend the right Juvéderm option — or combination of Juvéderm fillers — to give you the smile of your dreams. Then, as we apply the fillers, we prioritize preserving your smile’s natural beauty. 

To determine which Juvéderm filler(s) will meet your luscious, natural-looking lip goals, call our office to set up your appointment today.

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